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About Us

We are a New England based closet organization 
company with thirty years experience organizing homes
from the custom closet design process to the 
manufacturing and installing a custom closet solution. 
Custom Closet Geeks takes pride in our ability to 
determine our customer's specific needs. 

We are completely focused on organizing your closet 
space. We take great pride in organizing our customers' 
lives by organizing their belongings. We provide both a 
lifestyle and fine cabinetry that adds value to your home. Your home is your sanctuary where you get away from the rest of the world. Closet Geeks can help you organize the things that are important to you in your home.  

We firmly believe in the idea "a place for everything and everything in its place." Your home should be neat and organized. We can make this happen for you. Our knowledge of closet organization along with our vast array of products gives us the tools to truly "organize your world."

Phone: 877-266-1398